We provide our clients with the opportunity to handle and free-fly a bird of prey in a natural setting. We specialize in eighty minute, private Hawk Walks for individuals, families or small groups. Our aim is to share the pleasure, excitement and joy of handling and flying one of nature’s top-class predators in a safe and relaxed environment. All our Hawk Walks are private experiences with no grouping together of people who do not know one another, so friends, families and couples can enjoy a one-on-one with their hawks and instructor in a professional yet informal and friendly environment.

For the best experience and value for money, group numbers will be limited to a maximum of four people, although exceptions can be made if required for team-building exercises, conference members or possible special events for example. On each lesson a maximum of one spectator/guest, such as a friend or family member are invited to accompany the client(s) free of charge. Additional spectators are welcome, but an extra fee of £15 per person will be charged. No previous experience with birds of prey is necessary as an instructor will be with you the entire time and full instructions on safety procedures essential for the safe handling and flying of the birds will be given.

flying bird1At the start of the experience you will offered a tea or coffee before proceeding with a ‘meet and greet’ of the birds before being taken through a brief safety session on the do’s and don’ts of handling our birds. Once you are ready to continue then the real fun begins.

Over the course of the experience your instructor will cover many fascinating insights into the birds, such as their place in the environment, what and how they hunt, eyesight, natural behaviours and pack dynamics, whilst you relax, fly and interact with ‘your’ hawk(s). Throughout the duration of the Hawk Walk you or the accompanying spectator(s) are welcome to take as many photographs as you wish as a further reminder of a wonderful experience.

The birds used for the Hawk Walks will be the Harris Hawk (Parabuteo unicinctus), a New World raptor species and one of the only known birds of prey that continually live, hunt and breed within a family unit, similar to the dynamics of a wolf pack. These hawks possess a calm and even temperament and, once trained, will happily free-fly and interact safely with complete strangers – thus an excellent choice when dealing with clients or members of the public.

The vast majority of birds of prey are solitary hunters and only come together during the breeding season and as such would be unsafe to fly together, so this is where the uniqueness of this species comes into play. The hawk’s ability to live and work as a team allows us to fly a number of birds simultaneously together, thus providing you with the opportunity to witness first hand just how truly amazing this species really is.

Birds arrive at the estate at 9am and first booking starts at 10.30am.
Summer booking times: 10.30-11.50am – 12.10-1.30pm – 2.15-3.35pm & 4.00-5.20pm
Winter booking times: 10.30-11.50am – 12.10-1.30pm & 2.15-3.35pm.

Although we offer photography workshops, we are more than happy for you to bring your cameras or have a spectator to take images for you.
The cost of a 1hr 20 minute Hawk Walk is:


Book Now Button - longer: 1 person + 1 Spectator (free) £60. Additional spectators £15 per person
: 2 people + 1 Spectator (free) £110. Additional spectators £15 per person
: 3 people + 1 Spectator (free) £150. Additional spectators £15 per person
: 4 people + 1 Spectator (free) £190. Additional spectators £15 per person

You can view our Hawk Walk terms and conditions Here.